More than half a century with quality and good workmanship.

With more than 55 years of experience BM2 INDUSTRI A/S has a long and changeable history. The company has experienced a positive development and the future is looking bright for BM2 INDUSTRI A/S.

The company was established in 1955 under the name “Bøvling Maskinværksted” focusing on developing and production of machines to the agricultural and industrial sector. Furthermore the company performed many repairs.

Bøvling Maskinværksted kept up with the general development and mechanization and had during the following decades a significant production for and servicing to the agricultural and industrial sector.

Processing of large pieces began with the production of permeationplant with as well vacuum as pressure. Due to the demanding environmental requirements and a saturated market the last permeationplant was delivered in 2003.

The production required a vertical turning mill which then resulted in order intake from new customers outside the traditional target group.

From the mid-eighties the extension of the machine train escalated and today BM2 INDUSTRI A/S is a order-producing supplier of large components for among others the wind mill industry, off shore companies and manufacturers of cement plants.

In 1995 the company was converted into a partnership and in 2003 the company established a limited company in connexion with a generational change.

The production got more and more specialized and at the time when the development of the company gained in on the traditional mechanical workshop Bøvling Maskinværksted changed the company name into BM2 INDUSTRI A/S.

For more than 30 years ago Bøvling Maskinværksted began to produce machines for impregnating wood. In order to be able to get the machine for impregnating out of the plant we had to close off the main street in Bøvlingbjerg. The photo is from 1988.
The company´s founder Knud Verner Christiansen in 1985 next to one of the company´s products.



Employees at Bøvling Maskinværksted in 1984. In the background Søren who is still working at BM2 INDUSTRI A/S A/S