CNC processing of large objects

Technological developments have paved the way for the feasibility of designing increasingly larger structures that incorporate elements and components of quite huge dimensions.

Having kept pace with developments, BM2 INDUSTRI A/S today commands a high-tech production plant that is geared to facilitate the processing of large-dimension objects for use in, for instance, the wind-turbine industry, offshore enterprises and the cement manufacturing industry.

Large structures are constructed of components in which quality and accuracy are absolutely vital requirements. Owing to a skilled workforce and substantial technical insight, BM2 INDUSTRI A/S meets every requirement; and, based on our flexible production apparatus, we are in a position to carry out any machine-processing at the highest level of quality and within a short delivery time.

BM2 INDUSTRI A/S is specialised in the machining of large objects, such as CNClathing, cutting and boring operations. We also process customer-specific objects – in small and large batches alike. ​

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