CNC lathing – precision, down to the very last detail

When you opt for putting BM2 Industri in charge of the CNC lathing to be carried out on your behalf, you can rest absolutely assured that the quality will be top-notch and that the process will be monitored by watchful eyes throughout the entire procedure, right down to the very last detail.

​Our skilled and experienced staff is, at all times, fully updated on expert knowledge involving CNC lathing – which means that we are the optimal choice in matters involving CNC lathing. We know what we are doing, and our pricing is highly attractive.

Our CNC lathes facilitate the feasibility of lathing even the most complicated contours. Owing to our versatile CNC facilities, we carry out CNC lathing for many different customer groups; and this versatility also makes us the perfect choice when your business needs processing by way of CNC lathing.

We have made the processing of very large objects of measures up to Ø4200 our specialty; and we are a large-scale supplier for e.g. the wind-turbine industry, offshore enterprises and the cement-producing industry.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a chat about your projects. It is always our pleasure to provide sober-minded advice and an attractive offer. Elsewhere on this website, you will find further information about us and our company.

CNC lathing of all object sizes – a specialty at BM2 Industri A/S

Over the most recentyears, BM2 Industri A/S has been specialising in the lathing of large objects, not least in matters involving advanced CNC lathing where even the most minute details are very closely monitored.

To a great extent, our customer portfolio therefore consists of businesses that, as an element in their manufacturing process, require CNC lathing of large objects.

Today, BM2 Industri is a valued supplier of CNC lathing for the wind-turbine industry,

offshore enterprises and manufacturers of large processing plants, such as cement production.

Together with an exemplary customer service, BM2 Industri A/S is characterised by experience, professional expertise, state-of-the-art machinery, and short delivery times.

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