CNC processing of large objects – a specialty at BM2 Industri A/S

CNC machining of large objects has become an out-and-out area of specialisation for BM2 Industri A/S, as recent years' technological developments have facilitated the feasibility of designing and engineering ever larger structures incorporating components and objects of even very large dimensions.

Fully updated on developments and owing to our state-of-the art production facilities, BM2 Industri A/S can machine such huge-dimensioned objects as are required by, for instance, the wind-turbine industry, offshore enterprises and within the cement industry, and – in fact – wherever accuracy and quality are absolute requirements.

Our highly developed flexible production and technical insight, plus a team of skilled and competent employees enable us to process top-quality machining of any object at short delivery times. BM2 Industri A/S is specialised in CNC machining, i.e. in lathing, cutting and milling processes involving large objects. Any batch – be it great or small – is dealt with on an equal footing.

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CNC machining of especially large objects, using state-of-the art CNC technology

For a number of years, BM2 Industri A/S has been specialising in CNC machine-processing of, not least, large objects with respect to advanced CNC cutting, lathing, and boring. Obviously, this is increasingly reflected in our customer portfolio which, to a substantial extent, is dominated by enterprises with a demand for the incorporation of large objects as components in their production equipment.

Today, BM2 Industri A/S is a large-scale supplier to e.g. the wind-turbine industry, offshore enterprises, and manufacturers of large production facilities, such as for instance the cement-producing industry.

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