BM2 Industri A/S has invested in a new tower boring-work from Czech FERMAT.

Owing to this machine, commissioned towards the end of 2017, BM2 industri can now provide 5-axial processing to our customers.

As a spin-off, the bottleneck experienced on the cutting side, was positively affected by the investment.

DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 certification

BM2 INDUSTRI A/S has been certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2008.

​This means that our customers be assured of high quality throughout every internal link of the company.

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FeatureCAM from delcam Denmark

To keep up with developments, BM2 Industri A/S has invested in the software FeatureCAM from Delcam Denmark. This will facilitate the performance of complex processing based on e.g. stp. files. Moreover, the software will contribute to securing the most expedient processing and, hence, the processing time for the work pieces.



BM2 INDUSTRI A/S has installed Scandinavia's largest magnetplan for rational chip cutting of work pieces of up to Ø3900 mm.

​As the magnetplan facilitates simultaneous processing of three sides of the work piece, this means considerable saving on time.

Set-up by way of magnets is ideal for precision processing of thin flanges.

​See the machine here

Scandinavia's largest magnetplan:

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